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Welcome to BRSA

LawFed is a commercial law firm that connects companies to their objectives.

The winning mix of technical competence, intimate client knowledge and dedication, in order to archieve results.

Our more than 60 years of experience have built a strong reputation for delivering results to our clients.

Our detailed network throughout the Italian territory ensures the international companies operating in Italy the most effective legal support under any circumstances.

Our long term and wide experience with international companies ensure the best support to the Italian companies that want to expand abroad.

Our Practices

Our References

LawFed BRSA is a nationwide law firm, with an international practice.

It belongs to the LawFed group of firms which aims at covering the Mediterranean and the Middle East. 

It is involved in domestic litigation, international litigation and arbitration, and negotiations in the field of contracts, construction law, mergers and acquisitions, sales of goods and joint ventures and all civil matters, using English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

It represents among others also large national and multinational corporations as well as foreign Governments and public companies. It has a network of correspondents in a great number of jurisdictions.

Its assistance to Italian Clients abroad and to foreign Clients in Italy has given us the advantage of understanding much more the needs and psychology of Clients in transnational and international disputes.

The firm has been active through its construction group in large international construction projects like dams and highways in Africa, Middle East, Asia and Europe and through its corporate group in corporate matters such as in mergers and dismissals, in multi fora disputes, in joint ventures and corporate litigation.