Suspension of single and collective dismissal procedures | EN

Sec. 46, Executive Decree no. 18 [2020], so called “Heal Italy” orders as from 17 March 2020 to stay collective dismissal procedure for 60 days (until 16 May 2020).

This applies also for to companies being previously admitted to the extraordinary salary integration treatment.

In the same period, pending dismissal procedures, which started after 23 February 2020, are suspended.

Until 16 May 2020, employers, regardless of the number of their employees, cannot fire single employees for objective justified reason for grounds linked to the manufacturing activity, the organization of the work and its regular functioning.

However, the employer can still dismiss an employee for material breach of the contractual obligation (subjective justified reason) or for good cause.

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Federico Maccone, Claudia Bettolini, Eleonora Gritti

Disclaimer: The provisions contained in this provision may be subject to changes at the time of the conversion of the Executive Decree into Statute.