A lot of water has indeed run under the bridge which was built by Roger Fischer and William Ury ‘s book in ‘“Getting to yes”

After that and thanks to the leading role played by Harvard and other United States universities and scholars, the art of negotiation has made giant steps.

A further very recent remarkable contribution is due to William Ury’s “Getting to yes with ourselves” last suggestion to go to the balcony, to put ourselves in our own shoes, to find out what we really want and our primary needs. This effort may help us to realize that we might have to review our objectives and our approach to other people in order to achieve our goals in a better way.

This may allow us to maximize our points and to identify the best steps, first inside ourselves and then in our negotiations with others , which are needed to “change the game”.

Achieving our “inner” yes may then help us to achieve what is essential for the success of our negotiation: to change our enemy into our friend.

Mauro Rubino-Sammartano

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